June 14th, 2024

This month Dorothy Whitehouse and the ladies from Sharing Together Crafts have chosen to donate £200 to First Stop in Darlington.

First Stop is a local charity run by local Trustees, staff and volunteers. They provide a Wellbeing and Work Hub in the town centre of Darlington and house a range of practical, free facilities and activities designed to help people navigate from life events and difficulties. If you live in Darlington or the surrounding Boroughs, are aged 16 or over and are struggling with life’s demands, then get in touch with First Stop. They're there to assist you in discovering solutions and providing support throughout the process.

To get in touch with First Stop, please call 08081963144 (Freephone) or contact them via their website.


Pictured below: Bryan Shepherd, Whitehouse Funeral Service & Tracy Freeman, First Stop.


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