World Poetry Day 2024
March 21st, 2024

Today is World Poetry Day and we have chosen to share a poem written by a local poet called Joanne Boyle.

"Can you fly to heaven?"
the little girl asked the bird.
The bird whistled a little tune.
A one, that she'd once heard.
She didn't think too much
as she was lost inside her grief.
She hoped the birds could help,
to find her loved ones thief.
"I think an angel Stole My Mum,
and hid her in the sky,
Can you take me to her.
Can you teach me how to fly?"
The birds then starting singing,
and the butterflies came to dance.
They hoped that she'd remember.
They hoped there was a chance.
She looked at all three birds,
from one and then to another.
She swore she saw her grandpa,
and her grandma with her mother.
She blinked her eyes through tears,
but they never went away.
Then she was lost in a memory,
where they ran off to play.
Her favourite song was playing,
and she jumped on Grandma's knee,
whilst grandpa was hiding
and her mum was making tea.
She heard the laughter echo.
and as she stood there with the birds,
she realised heaven came to earth,
everytime that she felt scared.
J.Boyle art by Steffi Krenzek
To read more beautiful poems by Joanne you can visit her Facebook page 'Heartfelt' or if you would like to buy any of her books you can visit her website 

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