Meet the Team - Dorothy Whitehouse
November 2nd, 2023

Introducing you to Dorothy our Charity & Craft Group Leader and wife and mother of managing directors, Mel and John. Dorothy's contributions to the company and the community are invaluable.

Her dedication to charity work through her craft group, Sharing Together, not only showcases her creative talents but also highlights her compassion for others. Dorothy's craft room is based at our Newton Aycliffe office, where Dorothy and her team work tirelessly to raise money for local charities, this speaks volumes about her commitment to giving back to the community.

In her professional role, Dorothy plays a vital part in assisting grieving families, helping them navigate their moments of loss and finding solace. Her empathetic and nurturing nature undoubtedly provides comfort to those she assists.

Outside of work, Dorothy's love for spending quality time with her grandchildren exemplifies her family-oriented personality. Whether it's taking them for outings or simply sharing a meal, her nurturing spirit shines through. Her passion for crafts and painting not only showcases her creativity but also reflects her commitment to personal hobbies and the joy she finds in them. 

Additionally, her moments of relaxation with Mel at their family cottage in Gunnerside demonstrate the importance of balance and self-care. These cherished moments allow her to unwind from her busy lifestyle, ensuring she can continue to give her best to both her family and her community.

Dorothy's multifaceted roles as a family member, community leader, and creative enthusiast make her not only a beloved and respected figure within Whitehouse Funeral Service but also a true inspiration to the wider community. 



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