September 22nd, 2023

This month our chosen charity is the Darlington and District Talking Newspaper for the Blind and Visually Impaired.
The DDTN was established in 1979 as a charity providing a weekly news recording to the visually impaired in the Darlington area. The service is available free to anyone who cannot read.
In a world where words and stories should be accessible to all, this incredible organisation is making a difference. They provide invaluable audio recordings of newspapers, ensuring that the visually impaired can stay connected with the world around them.
For the blind and visually impaired, staying connected is crucial for their mental and emotional well being.
Donating to this organisiation is important to us as it promotes inclusivity and ensures that no one is left in the dark, creating a brighter future for the visually impaired community.
Dorothy Whitehouse and her wonderful team of "crafty ladies" have chosen to donate £200 to this deserving charity. Yesterday Dorothy met with Fran from the Darlington and District Talking Newspaper to present her with our cheque in recognition of the amazing work they do.
For further information you can contact the DDTN on 01325 465101, by email: or alternatively you can visit their website:  

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