Wool and/or Cotton Coffins?
February 18th, 2010

Whitehouse Funeral Service have a closer look at a new product.

'The Swaledale Woolen Coffin'.

The wool is supplied locally from local farmers. It is then made into a coffin shaped cover which inturn covers a cardboard frame.

John Whitehouse talks about the coffin as being a revolutionary new product.

'The way that this takes in all the thoughts of an eco funeral and being eco friendly is amazing. The coffin itself is very tactile, like wearing a woolen blanket'

Not only is the coffin available in wool but also in cotton and can be either white, as per the photograph, or brown.

'If a family wish to have something unique, original and practical and still help the environment then there is nothing better'.

For a leaflet or more information contact John Whitehouse direct on 01325 482999 or via email at enquiries@whitehousefuneralservice.co.uk

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