Funeral Videos Help Distant Relatives Pay Their Respects
March 5th, 2010

A Darlington Funeral Director has announced the launch of a new service which will allow long-distance relatives and friends unable to travel to pay their last respects.

Whitehouse Funeral Service based in Cockerton has launched a funeral videoing service to enable people who can’t attend a funeral to still feel involved in celebrating a loved one’s life.

The new service will be an optional extra offered to families planning a funeral. If they decide to go ahead, they will be provided with a unique password to allow them to log on to safely and watch a video montage of the funeral.

John Whitehouse, managing director of the family run and owned funeral directors talks about the idea which some may view as morbid:

“Due to travel being so accessible these days many family and friends are spread all over the world and as a result of this it’s not always easy to attend a funeral.

“By allowing funerals to be videoed, it provides those who can’t attend with the chance to feel part of the funeral service. The opportunity for closure and to say good-bye is incredibly valuable to people, for example those serving in the army who can’t make it back home can feel close and a part of the funeral service. It’s down to the families involved to decide if this is for them.”

The funeral videoing service has come about thanks to a relationship formed through local chapters, Walworth and Vision of networking group, BNI. John added:

“I could not offer this service without the help of Adam Lee and his team from Koodoo Creative, who have developed the technology to allow the website to play videos securely and Joe Fairbridge of Envizage Media who films the funerals and produces the end unique video.”

Joe, who usually films weddings and christenings as well as producing corporate videos admits this isn’t his usual area of work, however he thinks its a great idea. He said:

“Many people have friends and relatives who live a substantial distance away and are unable to attend the funeral. This is an excellent way for them to hear the speeches people make about their departed loved one and I’m pleased to be involved in the project from the outset.”

Adam who originally designed Whitehouse Funeral Service’s website and has just completed other websites for Count down to kick off and Harpers Environmental, added:“I think it’s a really nice personal service to offer and I’m sure it will be popular with many families living abroad to help them share the unique celebration of life.”

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