Bereavement Seminar Pictures
May 21st, 2009

Dr Bill Webster came to Darlington.

A successful day was had by all who attended the two Bereavement Seminars on May 7th 2009, at Blackwell Meadows.

See the pictures at:

At the morning Seminar attendees ranged from Funeral Directors, Solicitors to Doctors. Although most of the people who attended work with a large cross section of the population, all who attended expressed their thanks to Dr Bill Webster for the very enlightening Seminar.

The afternoon Seminar was geared more to the public. Those who have been through a bereavement. It was good to meet all who attended.

Big thankyou to Golden Charter Pre Payment Plan Providers, Cruse Bereavement, Victim Support and The Butterwick Hospice. All who helped to make the event very successful.If you require more information about Bereavement Seminars which may happen in the near future contact John on 01325 482999, or email me on this website.

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