Golden Charter Launches new TV add Campaign
June 7th, 2011

Golden Charter has lauched a new TV add campaign which will be aired nationally on ITV3 and on ITV1 in selected regions.

This will help with a campaign that Whitehouse Funeral Service is running at the minute to bring awareness to people for the need for some sort of provison in place to pay for their funeral. A Funeral plan is an idea opportunity to do this. Not only does a person get their wishes down, saving lots of painfull questions being answered at the time of need, but also it is being financially savey. Pay today and secure the Funeral Directors costs for ever. Remember we are in a time of austerity getting ones house in order.

It is hoped that this TV add campaign will touch some 7.68million people throughout the month of June.

Click here to view the Golden Charter advert. You can also view the advert on the Golden Charter website,

It is hoped that the advert will continue to be aired throughout June and will return later in the summer.  If you require any further details on the Plans then email us with confidence at

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