A Good Death...
February 17th, 2011

Whitehouse Funeral Service along with St Teresa's Hospice and many other groups within the local area are getting together to join forces to give a family every opportunity to have everything they require if someone is terminally ill.

A Good Death...

What makes a Good Death... What makes a situation worse!!!... Hiw can we as professionals make things easier???

At present lots of different organizations are doing great things individually, what we are trying to do is join forces to make someones end of life pathway the best it possibly can be.

If a terminally ill person wishes to remain at home... then let them... let them know what they can have facility wise and medically.

If a family is struggling to make end meet because the terminally ill person is the main bread winner.. then advise them on what benefits are available.

These are just a few things which can make all the difference.

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