BARBER, Angela Louise - Newton Aycliffe

Angela, aged 50 years, on November 3rd, peacefully in St. Teresa's Hospice
Funeral Tuesday 19th November. Would friends please meet for service in Darlington Crematorium at 2.45pm.
Family flowers only, donations if desired may be given at the chapel for the RNLI or by following the just giving link Refreshments will be served immediately after the service at The Bannatyne Hotel - Address

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I forgive you. Rest in peace.

Booty, posted 28/02/2020 03:22AM

Driving the long drive up North today to say goodbye to my old Mucker. So many memories of madness and mayhem but always fun and laughter. You cannot get kicked out of where you are now Angie B. Give Elvis and Pip a hug from me. Yours always Trixie xxx

Fiona Walker, posted 19/11/2019 12:11PM

We never got to have or PJ and Tiara party, I will have one and remember you as the cheeky, funny, thoughtful school friend and the strong, brave courageous woman I caught up with. Xxxxx

Andrea Jones, posted 19/11/2019 11:34AM

Sluggy, I hope I get the chance to see you in the Land of Youth

Willie - BrandySoured, posted 17/11/2019 18:21PM

Always willing to help those that needed it, and pounce on those that were just mong's, many times you have helped with both.
Rest In Peace

Wilf - DesktopCommando, posted 16/11/2019 16:43PM

Like so many commenting here, we never met but reading your posts on ARRSE over many years I wish we had. RIP Sluggy, I will miss your ready wit

Phil -pinback, posted 14/11/2019 20:45PM

Saddened to see Ang's picture pop up on Facebook this morning with 'RIP' written next to it. Gobsmacked even. A lovely lass, known by many, misunderstood by a few. I only knew her via ARRSE plus one confusing and surreal phone call back in 2007. Rest in peace Dale. You lived your life to the full and I dare say you went out with a smile on your face. Love, Thomas PS: When its my turn, if there's an afterlife, can you be waiting for me? I couldn't think of anyone better to guide me in. Thanks.

Thomas AKA Gunny_Highway, posted 14/11/2019 12:15PM

I never met her in RL, and only knew her online
But she was a real character that you'd never forget, such a shame she got taken so young

Loki, posted 13/11/2019 21:40PM

Genuinely thought the announcement was a wind-up and was scrolling trough the internet, looking for the obligatory retort. Gutted to find it never appeared, nor ever will.
My guess is she was equally as hilarious in life as in cyberspace. How that was kept-up as her life sadly ebbed-away, I'll never know. Looking forward to seeing a unicorn at the crem.
Sincere condolences to the family and loved ones.
Rest in Peace.

Rob, Ninja_Stoker, posted 13/11/2019 15:50PM

I'll never forget you Ang, Princess Mammy Beaver.

Suaviter in modo, Fortiter in re


Katy, posted 12/11/2019 22:55PM

We met a couple of times, and we still have your walking stick.
bye mucker.

Olafthered, posted 12/11/2019 22:52PM

I'll never forget our first phone call, giggling like loons and then when we finished the call (couldn't understand you very well, a combination of laughing, snorting and talking over each other) you marching straight in to Arrse Chat and declaring to everyone what a Sweary Mary I was. Me!!! I'll miss you loads, Princess Mammy Beaver. Luv Ya, you can buy me a pink wine when I get to the upstairs mess xxx

Katy, posted 12/11/2019 22:51PM

Angie Barber. A Real Gone Kid. Yeah we sang shang-a-lang And we ran with the gang Doin' doo wop be dooby do ay I have unblocked your phone number

John & Kids, posted 12/11/2019 20:04PM

Never met and wish I had. ARRSE, and the world, is an emptier and drearier place now that you've left us so soon. You'll be sorely missed. Condolences to your family. RIP (Give 'em hell, wherever you are!)

John Innes aka Spins, posted 12/11/2019 14:42PM

Very sorry to learn of this, after many years on the Army Rumour Service website. Rest In Peace.

PVR RAF Ages AGo, posted 12/11/2019 11:51AM

Bloody hell Sluggy.
We met a couple of times at the odd social and the Charity Cricket in Haringey. Onwards and upwards for you, I expect there will be plates humous on demand where you are going.

sittingstress, posted 12/11/2019 11:06AM

Well, that explains why your reprimands for my brasso charged antics tailed off.

P.s. if you meet my brother, steal his dinner money!

Ex MF, posted 12/11/2019 07:23AM

Never met you,always wanted to,rest easy.

brownhat, posted 11/11/2019 19:57PM

We never spoke or met, but you were a shining beacon of amusement and fear right from my early days online. I couldn't believe it when I found out you'd gone.
Sleep tight.

Ian - Needlewaver, posted 11/11/2019 14:20PM

Like a lot of the comments , I never actually met you , and only knew you in the blogosphere , or whatever it's called .
Will miss your icy wit on ARRSE .
You're no doubt giving them hell up there by now , and long may it continue .

Velcrostripes, posted 11/11/2019 11:59AM

You will be missed dearly from the pages of ARRSE. I, thankfully, managed to evade your wrath over the years but it always brightened my day to see someone type 'wait to @the_snail sees this' and waiting with baited breath for your usual mix of humour and venom that put many a keyboard warriors tail between their legs. A testament to your true nature can be read above with all those lives you have touched in person or not. I am deeply sorry to your family for their loss. R.I.P. Dale

tiny_recy_mac, posted 11/11/2019 11:52AM

I now regret agreeing with you that whichever one of outlives the other, that person will go to the funeral dressed as a unicorn.

Phantom, Original, The, posted 11/11/2019 11:19AM

One of the funniest blokes on ARRSE.
Miss ya, rest in peace.

Mike / BB, posted 11/11/2019 10:07AM

I never met you, but you've been a constant source of entertainment on ARRSE.
Whether it was a kind word to some or a brutal put down to another, I will miss your almost constant presence; you always managed to make me smile. The world is a duller place with your passing.

Ninja_Turtle, posted 11/11/2019 09:47AM

Unlimited snow globes!

RIP and condolences to your family.

Will - Toastie, posted 11/11/2019 08:52AM

Such sad news. Condolences to all your family. I don't think there's a greater testament to your personality and character that so many people who never met you feel like they have lost a friend. rest in peace and enjoy Happy Hour.

ADBO - ARRSE member, posted 11/11/2019 00:02AM

The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.

Michael, posted 10/11/2019 22:36PM

What can I say but that this is the saddest news I have had for many months. Who can I look up to for guidance on The Rumour Forum now? I'm just a young lad in need of direction. I'm glad you came to the farm and bonded with JJH's rescue dogs. They knew who the queen was. Farewell and au revoir. We will see one another again in time.
Steve Ruckerwocman a.k.a. Injun Joe

Steve Ruckerwocman, posted 10/11/2019 22:14PM

Really saddened to hear the bad news on today of all days.
Who will keep the miscreants inline now?
I will sing a medley of all the songs from Grease in your honour.

Erm, has anyone got dibs on your boots yet?

Taffwob, posted 10/11/2019 21:13PM

Never met you but spent years reading and responding your warm, compassionate and occasionaly caustic posts on the rumour service. You had a huge heart, you will be greatly missed by a very large number of people. I know that you are in the Great NAAFI in the Sky holding court and spreading happiness, as loved there as you are here.

ArmchairJihad, posted 10/11/2019 21:01PM

Ang, you brought some colour into my pregnancy depression, took me together with Nia to the Summer Ball in your funky Cowgirl outfit and got me drunk on the pink stuff. Hope there's plenty of that cheap stuff up there and plenty of slutty shoes for Pip to chew on... R.I.P you nutter. Love from Germany xxx

Silke, posted 10/11/2019 10:57AM

Rumour service will have an empty feel to it for a long time.
Hope smelly dog is taking care of you now.

bonnacon, posted 10/11/2019 09:44AM

Arrse will be a much more boring site without you Sluggy.

Rick- Flash MacTavish, posted 10/11/2019 08:31AM

Bye babe. Condolences to those who loved you.
ARRSE will never be the same

Simmerit, posted 10/11/2019 08:24AM

Cheerio Cheeky!

Biscuits_AB, posted 10/11/2019 07:22AM

I bet that fridge is cold, perfect for pink wine

Jarrod, posted 10/11/2019 02:55AM

It's crap you left early :(

Napier, posted 09/11/2019 20:00PM

Goodbye you deranged dingbat. I will miss the random parcels from you. The advice you gave, the mad calls to serenade my night shifts.
Your sending an envelope of bird crap from the Falklands was a master stroke and I will never again mock penguins.

TheiftakerSinnerBugsysvarious, posted 09/11/2019 17:27PM

I was very saddened to hear of this. We met on ARRSE and you even had the guts to come all the way to the States to visit SWMBO, my many rescue dogs (including Rusty the "Smiler" who took to you so well) and I here at my farm.

It was a privilege to have known you and we shared a common bond of love for our dogs. I am diminished with your passing. I hope to see you again when I can introduce you to all my other wonderful four legged children who had already passed away when you visited us.

God bless you.

Steve/"Jumpinjarhead", posted 09/11/2019 16:22PM

Ang was one of our site's great characters and something of an internet legend. The world is made a little less colourful by your passing. Say hello to RTFQ wherever you both are now .....

Bad CO (ARRSE Admin), posted 09/11/2019 16:14PM

Bugger. :(

Mark - Roadster, posted 09/11/2019 14:27PM

Met Ang twice, a real trooper. We've lost one of the good ones and the world is now a duller place.

Civvy Scum, posted 09/11/2019 14:06PM

I only knew her via the ARRSE discussion board but I feel like a friend has passed away today.

Gary Cooper, posted 09/11/2019 13:54PM

I've only just found out and am really sorry for those who will miss you most. A nice lady, you were always worth talking to.

DaveB - Ancienturion, posted 09/11/2019 12:16PM

Rest in peace Ang.....Pip the wonderdog will be overjoyed to see you. Train fare to Darlington donated as ordered :)

Goaty, posted 09/11/2019 11:28AM

Rest in Peace Ang..... Pip the wonderdog will be overjoyed to see you. Train fare to Darlington will be donated, as ordered :)

Goaty, posted 09/11/2019 11:27AM

I never met you but I wish I had, farewell and thanks for all the laughs.

BratMedic, posted 09/11/2019 10:45AM

Knew you in Richmond Platoon in NI (3 Queens and 1 WFR), had many a great time over there. So sorry you have been taken so early, but God must have needed an extra special angel, and he decided it had to be you X say hi to all our other comrades up there and don't cause too much mischief up there like you did in NI

Debra Mitchell (nee BURNS), posted 09/11/2019 09:19AM

A kind, generous, eccentric.

The world needs more people like Ang. Rest easy lovely lady.

Grownup Rafbrat, posted 09/11/2019 08:14AM

RIP Sluggy,
You were the scariest "lady" I never knew and your put downs were some of the best I've ever read. Arrse and the world wont be the same.
The Gods help the rest of them wherever you are.

Dave - Stumpy, posted 09/11/2019 04:32AM

Always the good ones. Rest easy and try not to wind up the gate guard too much.

K, Lardbeast, posted 09/11/2019 03:48AM

I am so terribly sorry to hear this. Whilst we only 'knew' each other from Arrse it is a testament to her wit and personality that she made such a mark upon so many other people, many of whom had never met in 'real life'. My sincerest condolences to Angela's family and friends.

gaijin, posted 09/11/2019 00:18AM

I lost the love of my Life to the big C in June. Another cracking Lady taken too soon. Thanks for making me laugh during the last 12 years,

Bigeye, posted 08/11/2019 23:57PM

I'm so very sad Angela that you've gone but then again happy that the suffering has ended, for sure wherever you are now it will be a much better place for you arriving. Will miss our banter terribly. X

Paul B, posted 08/11/2019 23:50PM

Laters beat me to it ;)

SuperM, posted 08/11/2019 22:43PM

Desperately sad to hear this news, Ang worked for me as a LCpl in Aldergrove. A total lunatic, funny and supportive, Rest in peace hun xx

KP, posted 08/11/2019 22:11PM

Rest in Peace Angela and my sincere condolences to your family and friends. The quality of the banter on the army rumour service website (arrse) will never again quite reach the extremely levels that it did with you leading the charge against those who thought they were a class act but found themselves desperately scrabbling when they crossed your path and you showed them that they were all mere amateurs in comparison to your mastery of the dark arts of squaddy humour!

RGJbloke, posted 08/11/2019 22:10PM

We never met... except on the Army Rumour Service website.... I shall miss your biting wit, occasional irreverence, wise comments...and compassion.
Rest In Peace

Busterdog, posted 08/11/2019 22:05PM

I cannot imagine Arrse without you! Rest in peace, you female embodiment of British fighting spirit. Respects from Israel.

Jon, posted 08/11/2019 21:55PM

Rest in peace Angela... despite never actually meeting you, after a dozen years of good natured and witty banter on screen and in PMs I am greatly saddened at your untimely passing. Sweet dreams dear lady.

My sincere and heartfelt condolences go to Angie's family and friends

Lewis, posted 08/11/2019 21:28PM

Rest peacefully Ang. Your humour, counsel and compassion will be missed by so many.

Abrighter, posted 08/11/2019 20:53PM

No more shall your hilarious PMs grace my inbox. So long, old thing.

At the going down of the sun...

NSP, posted 08/11/2019 20:06PM

Sluggy, I loved our pm's and the way you asked after my Missus when you were suffering yourself. Sleep well Princessness, XXX

Rob aka SmegHead, posted 08/11/2019 19:42PM

I would have!
Take it easy "Spargel", it was a pleasure knowing you.Accidental_discharge

Accidental_discharge, posted 08/11/2019 19:41PM

I never met her except through communications on ARRSE but always enjoyed her humour and sometimes her cutting remarks aimed at some of the throbbers who post on that site. Sad times indeed.

Chodmeister, posted 08/11/2019 19:41PM

No more cheeky vimtos :-(

Gillylady, posted 08/11/2019 19:31PM

Rest well dear brave 'Sluggy', one of the originals and integral to ARRSE. You were loved, respected, and you will be missed by many, as the tributes here and on ARRSE will confirm. It must be twelve years since we first spoke on ARRSE, and you were kind all that while ago. I remember you serving, and remember you becoming a civvy. If you weren't the luckiest person in health and life, you were always cheerful and positive, scary and funny. And as we now know, you were brave. RIP Ang.

JP in Devon, posted 08/11/2019 18:56PM

A genuinely brilliant person and will be dearly missed.

All the best Sluggy, you absolute Leg-end!

Dan- Grim_Squeaker, posted 08/11/2019 18:53PM

Angela, Soz mate.
Thank you for the late night chats and a special thanks for being there for me when, well, you know when. xx
My bestest friend I never met.
Rest in Peace kind lady.

Arte_et_Marte, posted 08/11/2019 18:43PM

Always laughed with you, never at you. Rest easy girl.

kev eod, posted 08/11/2019 18:11PM

There's going to be a 'sluggy' sized hole in my heart and life, you always made me laugh I lost my wife to the same so I know how hard you fought sleep well and god bless you xxx
Puppy kisses as always too

Don't tell him pike, posted 08/11/2019 18:03PM

Spoke to you a few times on the phone and enjoyed it every time. You had a kind heart and a gentle soul.

Syledis, posted 08/11/2019 18:03PM

God love you, Sweary Mary! I hope you've found Pip and Ma, and that wherever you are sells cheap-assed pink wine (3 for a tenner from the Co-op). You were a bloody nutter, and you WILL be missed!! Bit of an extreme way to biff out on church parade though! Love you always

Nia, posted 08/11/2019 18:02PM

My internet Mom. I will miss your late night chats about nothing and everything.
Do I still owe you those likes?

Duncan "Dougal McGuire", posted 08/11/2019 17:51PM

Prickly, stroppy and sweary, and with a heart the size of Australia. I loved our meets for coffee ( even if I did pretend I wasn't with you in Tesco) and held you in the highest regard. We all will miss you.

OFAH, posted 08/11/2019 17:47PM


Steve, posted 08/11/2019 17:45PM

Over the years I have read your many messages and giggled at them, you leave this world a sadder place but in the next you will have it in stitches.

distant friend, posted 08/11/2019 17:35PM

RIP Ang.
You text me a few months ago when I was going through a very bad spot and I'm 100% ashamed to say I didn't reply because I couldn't face it. I'm sorry.

Ritch, posted 08/11/2019 17:31PM

Gutted. Hope you're shooting staples at anyone up there daring to ask for a travel chit, and that the ginger one is happily chewing on your slippers. You will be greatly missed by all who knew you or just read your musings, predictive texts will never be as much fun as you made them.

Louise, posted 08/11/2019 17:29PM

My dear Angie. We've laughed together, drank together, taken the piss out of the world together. I'm going to miss you my friend. I'm going to miss you.

Penny Lyons, posted 08/11/2019 17:18PM

T'internet won't be the same with out you.
Breakfast of Haribo tomorrow in remembrance.

Kirkz, posted 08/11/2019 17:00PM

That's a bugger Angelina, you made me laugh. Sweet dreams... X

goodoldboy, posted 08/11/2019 16:59PM

The naughtiest Lady I know and absolutely The Real Deal.
It has been and will remain a priviledge and a giggle to have had your friendship. Also pink bubbles.

Naff, posted 08/11/2019 16:28PM

Made a note in my diary. Simply says "Bugger!"

cloudbuster, posted 08/11/2019 16:27PM

Missing you already, take care of yourself - wherever you are. Filf.

Tom, posted 08/11/2019 16:17PM

My lovely brave friend. You kept me strong and made me laugh. What will I do without you? Missing you so much already. Assume you're causing havoc wherever you are! Love you xxx

Teresa, posted 08/11/2019 15:54PM

My sweet, sweary friend.
I am missing you desperately already. You pulled me through the darkest and bleakest chapter of my life.
I know you and A will be together, laughing at me now.
I love you both.

Lyndon - Celticguy, posted 08/11/2019 15:43PM

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